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For many international students, University is not just about getting a degree.

Developing language skills, embracing different cultures, exploring new hobbies, even meeting a significant other! That’s exactly what happened to Nigerian students Anthony and Peace. The now married couple first met here at University of Chester back in 2017 and the rest, as they say, is history!

Anthony is now a Senior Lecturer in the faculty of Health and Social Care at the University after studying Public Health at Postgraduate and Doctorate level with us.

Read about Anthony’s love story below:

“In the autumn of 2017, I was in the second-year of my doctoral studies and Peace had just started the Master of Public Health programme. Someone had asked her to come and have a chat with me about how to make the most out of her studies. By this time, I was in my second-spell at University of Chester and had lots of advice to give!

My first impressions of Peace were that she was motivated, enthusiastic and a no-nonsense go-getter. After our first meeting, I was really keen to get to know her better. Seven-weeks after first meeting Peace, she agreed to go on a first date. It was a gentle walk around the centre of Chester which I remember vividly. The sun was setting, there was a faint rainbow in the sky and the wind was rather nippy – a typical late-autumn afternoon in the UK. I could tell that winter was starting to creep in but this did not bother me in the slightest as I had a beautiful woman right there beside me – that was all that mattered. We listened to each other, exchanged life stories and shared our aspirations for the future. After the date, I quickly realised that Peace was a woman who would not tolerate being messed around, so I knew I had to be committed to my intentions!

In the weeks that followed, we met frequently in Seaborne Library and at church every Sunday. On my free weekends, I would do some home cooking and drop the food off at Peace’s place. She was rarely at home and I seized the opportunity to drop off tasty bowls of surprises. Upon getting home, Peace would ring me, expressing her total delight and appreciation. Knowing I was making Peace happy was a great feeling.

By the time February 2019 came round, Peace had finished her studies and was ready to leave Chester. I waved goodbye to my best friend and the prettiest face in Chester. Tears flowed freely and the weeks that followed were truly difficult because I was looking out for her face in the crowd, even though I knew she was living thousands of miles away.

We did stay in touch via WhatsApp, and at the earliest opportunity, I travelled across continents to visit her home in Nigeria and made my intentions known to her family. Meeting them was like a real-life job interview. Thankfully, I passed! In September 2019, Peace said yes to my marriage proposal and we got married the following year. She is now my amazing wife and a super mom to our young son.

University of Chester gave me the best gift I could ever wish for and our experience here will always be a wonderful part of our life story.”

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