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A Change of Career

The MSc Psychology (Conversion) course is a fantastic opportunity for those wishing to change their career path and transfer into psychology or expand their skills. This course was recommended to me by my meditation teacher, who had previously also studied this course at Chester. I am so happy to have followed her advice, as this course offers everything I need to become an Experimental Psychologist. Having previously worked as a costume designer, this course provides a comprehensive grounding in the areas of psychology that form the core BPS (British Psychological Society) curriculum to take forward into my new career path.

Professional Work Experience

I have chosen to study part-time to maximise my university experience. The Psychology department at Chester University offers diverse and niche expertise for work experience associated with this degree. I am six months into my course and also the Project Manager for the ‘Rebellious Wildlife’ psychology project thanks to the wonderful Dr Pizza Chow. My experience with Dr Chow has been phenomenal. I am allowed to choose which skills I would like to focus on and develop each month, with the freedom to choose my working hours and the support of weekly meetings to discuss the current project and my mental health. I feel incredibly privileged to have this experience with such outstanding professionals and other like-minded students. As I aim to become an Experimental Psychologist, this opportunity provides me with all the necessary skills and expertise for my cv. In my experience, the lecturers here at the University of Chester are like no other. I have found that my lecturers are always happy to discuss work experiences based on my interests. If they cannot provide work experience, they often recommend other opportunities or refer you to someone else.

A Support System Like No Other

The course is structured on a trimester (three-term) basis. Three modules run in each of the first two trimesters, and the dissertation is completed in the third. The modules explore the role of biology in behaviour, mental processes in thinking and feeling, how humans develop across the lifespan, how people differ in personality and intelligence, how we function as social beings, and how these phenomena can be investigated. Most modules surround independent work, fully supported through online services, one-to-one meetings, and academic training. My experience with the academic support provided in this course has been exceptional. I am offered everything I need to develop and succeed, including one-to-one meetings, draft readings, academic support and more. The University also provides a 24/7 Library with private workspaces that you can book online and a platform named Studiosity, which reviews work before your submission date!

A Foundation to Support a Strong Career Path

Being six months into my course, already having work experience, and a job as a Student Ambassador shows the University's level of support. After I graduate, I wish to gain a PhD in Experimental Psychology, and I feel this is possible due to the support my lecturers, Careers team, and the Academic Skills team provide. Successful completion of the MSc Psychology (Conversion) course grants eligibility for Graduate Basis for Chartership (GBC) with the British Psychological Society (BPS). Attaining GBC enables you to pursue a career in specialist areas of psychology, including Clinical, Forensic, Health, Occupational, Counselling, Educational, or Sport and Exercise Psychology, with a view to becoming a Chartered Psychologist in these areas. Other students completing the MSc Psychology (Conversion) course can go on to work in a wide variety of areas allied to psychology and beyond, utilising the transferable knowledge and skills that a psychology degree develops.

A Chance to Meet Like-Minded Individuals

When transitioning into something new, feeling alone or isolated is normal. However, this has not been my experience at Chester. I have felt accepted and supported while meeting wonderful people from exciting and interesting backgrounds who are just as excited to bring new skills, perspectives, and fresh ideas into the classroom. The students on my course all share the same passion for the mind, even if their interests differ, and everyone is happy to share information, offer advice, discuss opportunities, and help.

I am confident that if you decide to join this course, your experience will be the same. Good Luck!


Find out more about studying  MSc Psychology (Conversion) at Chester. 

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