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How to become a Nutrition and Exercise Scientist

A BSc in Nutrition and Exercise Science is expected by many employers, and allows you the opportunity to hone your knowledge, skills and gain work experience in a way short courses cannot.  To get onto the course, a passion for health, science and working with people are pretty crucial - this should be demonstrated in your personal statement as well as through your academic achievements.

At Chester we will get to know you and your skill set throughout your studies, helping you to develop your employability and professional skills through work-based learning, and by encouraging engagement with ongoing research, helping to ensure you graduate as a well-equipped and highly-skilled Nutrition and Exercise professional.

What you should look for in a Nutrition and Exercise Science degree?

It is important that your course adopts a well-rounded and holistic approach to Nutrition and Exercise Science. Working within this field requires a solid understanding of the scientific underpinnings but also an ability to work well with people and understand how to assist people in changing behaviour to improve their health.  Ensuring the course includes practical elements and skill development is also very important, as is choosing a course which offers you work experience or placement during your studies.

What kind of career might a Nutrition and Exercise Science degree lead to?

Career paths following graduation may include roles within Health Screening, Health Promotion, Weight Management, Exercise Rehabilitation, and Exercise Prescription.  Alternatively you may choose to work in Sports Nutrition and Development or the food industry, developing new products for the growing market.  Graduates may also wish to remain in research and academia, pursuing a taught MSc or MRes. 

What to expect from a career in Nutrition and Exercise Science

Working within such a dynamic and ever-evolving field means that you can expect a career which constantly offers you the opportunity to grow and see new perspectives. Whether you’re working within a laboratory running analysis, developing new products, or working “on the front line” assessing and prescribing fitness or nutrition with clients and patients, you can be sure of one thing - boredom will not be on the cards!   

See for Yourself

Once you've done some research into degree courses that you are interested in, it's definitely worth paying a visit to see the facilities available, speak to staff and students from the course, and get a feel for the university and surrounding area.  We offer opportunities to visit us throughout the year, and would love to welcome you to the Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition at Chester.  We hope to see you soon! 

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