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If you’re moving in to student accommodation this September, then you’re probably already thinking about where, when and what you are going to eat on Campus. Whether you’re eating in the dining hall, or cooking for yourself for the first time, take a look at our on campus eating guide to find out what’s in store and to pick up some useful tips.

Full board or semi-catered

If you’re a full board or semi-catered student studying at one of the Chester campuses, then you’ll mostly be eating at White's Dining Room on the Parkgate Road Campus. A large, modern dining facility, White's Dining Room houses a sandwich and snack bar and two stations offering a wide variety of traditional meal selections; there’s even a wok and go station where you can pick what you want in your stir-fry and have it made fresh in front of you!

If you find yourself at one of our satellite sites (Queen’s Park, Thornton Science Park, Riverside, or Kingsway) during meal times then you can also pick up meals here; so there’s no need to worry about rushing back to eat!

If you’re a semi-catered student at Warrington Campus then you’ll be eating in The Garden Dining Room. Here you’ll be able to relax amongst the trees whilst listening to The Cat Radio and filling your boots with the wide variety of food on offer; from snacks on the go, to traditional and international dishes from the hot counter, the choice is yours.

To find out more about our wide range of on-site catering services take a look at our website.

Meal Scheme

If you’re going to be living in self-catered accommodation, but you’re worried about cooking for yourself, then why not consider purchasing the meal scheme. Providing you with meals on a Monday to Friday during term time, this scheme enables you to receive meals in exactly the same way as catered students. And what’s great, if you purchase both the autumn and spring term scheme, you’ll receive the summer term absolutely free! So ditch the Pot Noodles and tuck in to some good hearty food without having to budget!


If this is your first time living away from home, then the prospect of cooking and budgeting for yourself might be daunting.  To help you settle in, take a look at our top tips for cooking at university:

  1. Cook for one another

Aside from being a great way to make friends, cooking for each other will help you save money and reduce the amount of food you waste.

  1. Make food from scratch

Making food from scratch will not only increase your food knowledge, but could actually reduce the cost per meal, and it’s a lot healthier than processed food. So throw away those ready meals, and grab yourself some raw ingredients. You never know, it might even be fun.

  1. Reduced to clear is your best friend

The reduced to clear section in supermarkets can be the greatest money saver of all when it comes to food. Check out the local shops for the best times to pick up bargains. You’ll have to be quick, there are a lot of hungry students about!

  1. Take advantage of free food options

You’ll never be offered so much free food as when you’re at university. If a society or Department is offering a free meal for doing something, make the most of it!

  1. Never throw leftovers away!

You might be tempted to chuck the leftovers, but don’t! Trust me, when you’re coming in from a late night study session you’ll wish you’d saved it.

Give it a go 

Get your culinary juices flowing with our top six meals on a budget

  1. Basic red sauce: this doesn’t take long to cook, only requires a handful of ingredients and once it’s done you can store it in the fridge and use it for a whole load of great meals including pizza, pasta and chilli.
  2. Beans on toast. Okay, so this might be the staple student meal, but, beans on toast (especially if you use wholemeal bread) actually contains a lot of good stuff that can keep you going throughout the day.
  3. Omelettes: Easy and quick to make, this are a great breakfast or lunch option and you can flavour it anyway you like.
  4. Sunday roast: not just for Sundays, a roast is one of those meals everyone can do. Chip in with your housemates for a joint of meat or a full chicken and get some vegetables between you. Cook it together and have some fun with it.
  5. Cheese toasties: easy to make and fill you up. But remember, toastie makers are not allowed in University accommodation, so before you arrive find some toastie bags. Or failing that, use the grill.
  6. Cake in a cup: Treat yourself with this quick and easy recipe. It’s hard to get wrong and leaves very little mess; what more could you want? Move over Mary Berry.

For some more inspiration take a look at these student recipes. You’ll find lots of tips and tricks online, so just get searching. 


Want to know more? 

For any student accommodation related queries, please feel free to contact our residential living team. 

E: /  T: 01244 513000 (Chester) / 01925 534220 (Warrington) 

For general enquiries about the University of Chester, just get in touch. 

E:  T: 01244 511000

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