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Nigel Taberner visited Chester Business School to speak about his experiences in more than 30 years with the Greater Manchester Police and Counter-Terrorism Policing North West. He served in a variety of front-line and investigative roles, and at the height of his career was a Detective Inspector responsible for counter-terrorism policing operations.

During his talk at the University, the experienced trainer discussed how the techniques he developed during this time can help entrepreneurs and others succeed. He outlined how the skills he gained in making a good impression, building trust, listening and performing under pressure, can be applied across the world of business and leadership.

Nigel said: “Many thanks to the students and staff at Chester Business School for welcoming me to Queen’s Park. I hope that you enjoyed the session and picked up on all those transferable skills."
Fran Shollo, Module Leader and Tutor added: “Nigel shared his remarkable experiences and his passion for the subject is contagious. The students asked excellent questions and we are very thankful for Nigel’s time.”

The ‘Living on the Edge of Chaos - Lessons Learned as a Hostage Negotiator’ talk took place on Tuesday February 15.

Nigel offers his advice through Level2Communications and has also delivered negotiation training to UK police officers, Special Forces personnel and international colleagues from the FBI, Finland and Australian police forces.

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