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The lectures are open to all and are hosted by the University’s Culture and Society RKEI (Research Knowledge Exchange Institute) which brings together more than 180 researchers from the Arts, Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences.  

The series begins on Thursday, October 5 with British anthropologist, evolutionary psychologist and world-leading thinker on human behaviour, Robin Dunbar, who will discuss his influential thesis on friendships known as "Dunbar's Number". His research explores the number of stable relationships people are able to maintain at once. In this talk Robin will discuss the complexities of friendships and ask the crucial question: "How many friends can one person have?" The talk will take place in the University’s Wheeler Building from 6pm and places can be booked here.  

The renowned Scottish poet, playwright and novelist Jackie Kay will bring her subtle investigation into the complexities of identity which have very much been informed by her own life to the University on Thursday November 2 at 6pm in the Wheeler Building. To book a place visit here.  Attendees of ‘Full Fig: Many Writers a Writer Makes’ will enjoy the Makar or National Poet of Scotland’s engaging presence who's early drama training has equipped her to be a superb performer of her own work and a very engaging presence. 

Other lectures taking place this academic year include: Professor Timo Obergöker from the University of Chester’s Department of Languages and Cultures, talking about ‘Understanding France through Popular Music’ on January 16 2024; Laura Pye, Director of National Museums Liverpool will give a lecture entitled ‘Life as a Museum Director – Instagram versus Reality’ on March 7 2024 and Dr Shelley Piasecka, from the University  of Chester’s School of Arts and Media will present The Secret Garden: How the Arts can Help us to Connect with the Natural World’ on May 24 2024.

More details on the lectures and how to book a place can be found here.  

Prof Tim Grady, Director of Culture and Society RKEI and Professor of History at the University of Chester, said: “The Culture and Society RKEI at the University of Chester runs an exciting series of public talks each year. Join us to engage with cutting edge research, hear from international speakers and to ponder important questions of our time.” 

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