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Whilst Georgia was completing her A Levels, she had the unnerving realisation that the course she had chosen to study at university wasn’t for her. A scary thought at first, but rather than letting nerves get the better of her, Georgia chose to look for a course that she really wanted to study.

When Georgia contacted the University of Chester through Clearing, she was given the opportunity to speak with a member of the History Department over the phone before deciding to accept a place, and after finding out more about the course, Georgia chose to study BA (Hons) History with us.

Now two years into her course, Georgia has gained so much from her time at the University of Chester. Her story shows how going through Clearing is a genuine option for anyone who may feel that their initial course or university choice is not right for them, and that Clearing can open up a whole new set of options, just when you think you’ve run out.

Clearing is available for applications now, so if you are considering altering your course or university choice, see what else is out there for you. You can contact the University of Chester on 0808 164 2713 or alternatively have a look at our Clearing information.



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