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I lived in Church College Close (self-catered) accommodation in my first year and I loved it! The accommodation really felt like a community and everyone was there for one another. The houses are split into two levels, meaning you have lots of privacy, as you only share the other shared rooms (bathroom, toilet, and kitchen) with two other people. Lots of people worry about sharing bathrooms with others, however, because in Church College Close you have one room for the toilet and sink and then another room for the shower, you don’t have to worry about needing the bathroom at the same time as others – especially because you only share with two other people!

The houses are located at Exton Park (Parkgate Road) and have a separate road entrance to the rest of the University, meaning you can access it very easily. The houses are a 1-2 minute walk from the Students’ Union, The Bar, and the campus shop, meaning you can meet up with friends for a night in The Bar within a few minutes of leaving your house. The proximity to other amenities is amazing because it lessens your worry of walking alone. The path is lit and you stay within the campus and only walk for a few minutes from your front door to The Bar.

The atmosphere in the houses is lovely. I am now in my second year living at Church College Close and I got along amazingly with both my housemates from our first year. We would decorate the house for Halloween and Christmas, and chat constantly in the kitchen or hallway!

In fact, I currently live with people who I met because we all lived at Church College Close in first year. Even though we were in separate houses, we all socialised constantly as it really is a community experience.

The houses have all been recently renovated and are lovely inside. The rooms all have large desks with a single bed, shelving, drawers, and a wardrobe. They are up-to-date and feel modern and fresh.

I love the on-site accommodation I lived in and I am so happy I chose to live here again in my second year with the people I had already bonded with.

If you would like to find out more about the accommodation options available, we have an Accommodation Information Event on Tuesday 23rd March 4.30pm - 6pm on Microsoft Teams. You can book your place here

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