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When and how did you become interested in Biomedical Science?​

I have always had a passion for science in general. I would say that I have a more general interest and never really wanted to specialise. I developed interests across a number of disiplines during my PhD at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research, including physiology, genetics, proteomics, bioinformatics, and cellular and molecular biology. My research focuses on the kidney glomerular filtration barrier in health and disease.

What is your role as Programme Leader for Biomedical Science?

My main role is to design and oversee the course to ensure that it meets standards set out by the University of Chester and the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS). I must periodcally assess the course to make certain that students are made ready for careers in biomedical science, healthcare science and biomedical reseach.

What is your favourite part of your job?

When updating course material it is imperative to learn about cutting-edge areas of research in biomedicine. This means that every year I have the opportunity to learn new things and incorporate them into my teaching. In addition, I really enjoy supporting and guiding students. It is particularly satisfying to see students acheive their potential, for example gaining a place on a prestigious PhD course.

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects?

My main focus over the past four years has been studying Alport syndrome using mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Alport syndrome is a genetic disease that impacts basement membranes in the eyes, ears and kidneys. More recently I have collaborated on projects defining the composition of basement membranes and which genes are essential for basement membrane structure and function.

What is your favourite topic to teach?

Renal pathophysiology, mass spectrometry-based proteomics, and molecular and cellular biology. I especialy enjoy teaching these areas as I have a wealth of experience and expertise in them.

Choose a movie title for your life.

Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen).

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation – I could go on holiday anywhere in the world with no airport queues or long flights.

Can you summarise your 'Chester story'?

I took up a post as Senior Lecturer at the University of Chester in Feburary 2019, so my Chester story is still in the first chapter!

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