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Getting To Know… Amy Butt, Induction and Clerical Assistant, Student Futures

Introducing the Student Futures Team
Student Futures offers a range of support services for students. You’ll probably first meet some of the team during Welcome Week as they help students to settle into University life and are responsible for organising lots of events to help new students to meet each other. Our Student Futures Team provide support to students throughout their time at Chester and are on hand to offer information, advice and guidance. They want everyone to have an enjoyable and enriching student experience. As our Student Futures Team plays an important role in supporting our student, we thought we’d chat to Amy Butt, who is the Induction and Transition Clerical Assistant to find out more about Welcome Week and beyond.

What is a typical day at work for you?

"I’ve recently started this job but at the moment I’m focusing on organising everything for Welcome Week which is during September. Tasks for this include editing the Welcome Week magazine which is sent out to new students containing information such as what to expect during Induction and things to do in Chester. I’ve also been working on social media platforms to promote the new UoC Welcome Week 2018 page on Facebook and uoc induction on Instagram."

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects?

"One exciting upcoming project is all of the work that goes into preparing for Development Week which is on during the 5th– 9th November. Development Week is a chance to lift everyone’s spirits by providing more opportunities to develop academically and socially. Students can catch up on their study skills, it allows extra time for students to work on assignments or it’s a chance for them to see academic or development staff. The University also holds Wellbeing sessions that week too – so it’s not just a week about the academic side of being a student. We want to further the discussion of wellbeing and reassure them if they have any issues there are other people at University who they can go to. You can also take part in things like a Fitness boot camp or ECDL training. The University has two Development Weeks each academic year, with the second one being in February." 

What is your proudest moment at the University?

"As I haven’t been here long I would say getting this position is a proud moment. It is such a nice place to work and it is an institution which values each individual and pushes staff to grow and develop as well – very refreshing to see!"

Choose a movie title for the story of your life.

"‘Taxi Driver the musical’ because I’m the resident taxi driver for my family and love singing in the car!"

If you could have a superpower, what would you choose?

"The ability to absorb other powers because I’m indecisive! Or teleportation because I don’t like flying on a plane but I love travelling."

What is Welcome Week?

"It is a week for every one of our new students to be welcomed in to the community at the University. We want to make the experience of starting university an exciting one and reassure them that this new stage of their life is not as scary as it seems, but a new adventure to enjoy. The Welcome Week staff will be on hand to give them guidance and support in order to make it enjoyable as possible. As a recent graduate myself, I know how scary it can be."

What range of activities are on during Welcome Week?

"There’s loads going on!  We have a pool party; arts and crafts; a Mental Health Mates group where students can discuss mental health issues and go on a nice walk; and city tours to see the wonders of Chester! There are board games, garden games, a Storyhouse Film Night (Saturday 22nd September, 6.00-8.00pm) and a CSU Cinema and Pizza Night (Wednesday 26th September, 8.00am-midnight)."

What advice would give students for Welcome Week?

"Just make sure you enrol online before you arrive because it makes registration so much easier and quicker. You can do it through the app or the website."

Any other activities you offer throughout the year?

"We offer volunteering opportunities throughout the year.  These contribute towards the Chester Difference Award which is an award that recognises students’ dedication to a wide range of activities such as volunteering, attending training or joining a club or society. We also offer the University of Chester Volunteer Award Scheme which is a great chance to record volunteering hours and apply for an award in recognition of a student’s commitment."

Can you summarise your 'Chester story’?

“My Chester Story is an adventure that continues to teach me different things every day, no single day is ever the same. I’m surrounded by hardworking colleagues who truly care and want the best for the University."

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