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What is a typical day at work for you?

It’s pretty varied – which is a nice thing about working at a university, no two days are the same! Usually I will have some teaching or prep and several meetings or tutorials with students.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

Working with the students. It’s amazing see how much they develop over the three or four years of studying with us. Being a small part of this is definitely one of the best things about my job.

What has been your proudest moment whilst working at the University?

Completing my PhD and graduating at Chester Cathedral with some of my Event Management students. Fantastic experience.

What is the best thing about the course?

There are so many opportunities to gain experience throughout the year. Its so varied it gives our students a real flavour of the dynamic and vibrant event industry that they will be entering into.

If you could have a superpower what would you choose?

My superpower would be to persuade my young children to sleep the whole night through!

What should your students remember about you?

My love of rugby probably.

What might people not know about you?

I am an identical twin and also have twin sisters….

What is the best piece of advice that you could give to a student?

Be excited and passionate about what you are studying.


If you are interested in finding out more about our Events Management course, then why not book onto our upcoming open day's at either our Chester or Warrington Campus'.

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