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Our established course, celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, has valuable links with all the professional accounting bodies to ensure you develop the skills you need for the industry. Hear about Craig's first-hand experience of our course. 

When did you graduate?


What is your job now you’ve graduated?

Finance Officer, Civil Service.

Would you recommend the course? 

Accounting and Finance at Chester gave me a solid foundation to progress in a career in finance, not only with the specific modules but also in the softer skills. There is a family atmosphere at the Business School and the lecturers care about the individuals and deliver lectures in smaller seminars, allowing us to easily ask questions and further develop our understanding of the subjects.

How did the course prepare you for your job?

After university, I was successful in my application for a graduate scheme in the Civil Service. Chester allowed me to identify the skills that I flourish in, as well as helping me to develop those that I felt I struggled with. I regularly present figures and findings to high level members of staff - this is something that I now find easy thanks to the coaching and opportunities I was presented with whilst at the University of Chester through group and individual presentations. I am now two exams away from being a qualified management accountant, a qualification that is recognised across the world.

At Chester students are already well on the way to gaining the professional qualifications that employers require. The full range of exemptions from professional exams that a university can offer are available, as well as the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting alongside.

Why are the exemptions from professional exams an important benefit of our degree at Chester?  

Once you start in full-time employment the balance between exams, work and your personal life gets a lot trickier. I would highly recommend getting as many exemptions as possible whilst in a university setting to minimise the time needed for study when you are starting a new job. Some employers do offer generous study leave, so to help with the impact of the commitment, they are the ones that I would suggest a recent graduate focus on when applying.

Do you have any tips for those considering a career in accounting?

When undergoing a degree in accounting, you soon realise that it will open you up to a vast range of sectors and business environments. Finance is a thread that weaves through every business, if there is a particular industry that interests you there will no doubt be a finance role within that.

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