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At the University of Chester, you really are surrounded by fundamental support services and academics who are available to guide you through the student journey. That’s why I’ve put together five of the most essential learning facilities available to help you transition into university life…

1.Personal Academic Tutors

As a student of the Business School, I was assigned a PAT (Personal Academic Tutor during Welcome Week (the first week of university), where I was able to get to know them and understand ways in which they could assist me through my time at university. This was invaluable for me and really helped me to settle into a new way of learning. 

If you’re new to the subject that you’re studying, there’s no need to worry as your PAT is available on an appointment basis to offer you advice and guidance when you need it most. Whether this may be relating to your course, learning new skills like referencing or even personal circumstances surrounding your university journey, they are there to offer help and direction.

My PAT was there to motivate me through my studies with regular meetings and emails to check how I was getting on with assignments and was supportive right up until the end of my degree, where they also provided me with a reference.

2. 24/7 Library and Librarians

On the academic side of student life, the library was another important part of my university experience, as a home office space, away from home. As a commuting student, I would always utilise the library facilities in between lectures and even stay late before assignment deadlines. With a 24/7 access area, it offers flexibility depending on various schedules and work commitments. The library is the perfect place to go and was built with all students in mind. Whether it’s a quiet space to get your reading list ticked off, or a social area to complete group work, there really is a space for everyone. The library at Warrington offers everything you’ll need with a variety of workstations from individual pods, (which I found especially useful!). As a quiet and not very confident person starting university, the thought of presentations and group work was a very daunting thought for me. However, being able to access pods to meet with classmates really helped me in building my confidence as we were able to present in front of each other and practice and plan presentations using the same layout as in the teaching spaces but without distraction from anybody else. This prepared me for speaking in front of bigger groups and brought me out of my shell!

3. Study Skills

Study skills are yet another element of academic support that is offered at the Business School, they are not only here to help you reach academic success but also to support you through any hurdles you may be faced with along the journey. From help with referencing, critical thinking and even personal support, they helped me to adapt to new changes and guided me on my way to completing a First-Class degree and Master’s degree. 

With a variety of online resources, you will also have access to seminars and online videos, information guides and everything you need to develop through your studies.

4. Work Based Learning

In my second year of study, I was able to complete a six-week work placement (this acts as a compulsory part of the second year of study for all courses), and it was one of the best things I have ever done. I worked alongside the Work Based Learning team to choose a placement at Brainwave, a children’s charity in Warrington, close to the University’s Warrington Campus. Acting as a social media and event assistant for the charity, I was able to put everything I had learnt into practice and participate in making life changing results for the local charity, an opportunity which I am still fulfilling today! Not only was this a great experience professionally, but also personally, and I would 100% recommend that everyone makes the most of their time on placement – you never know where this may lead you into your future!

5. Academic Staff

I was taught through a mix of lectures and seminars, with occasional field trips, group work, and presentations thrown in for variety. This was a great way of learning for me as every session was different which keeps you engaged and focused on the task at hand, whilst also allowing the development of a range of skills. Not only were the staff engaging and a great motivation throughout my studies but also the structure of their sessions kept everyone very much involved, which was great for developing new friendships and getting to know everyone on the course.   

My tutors held years of experience within marketing, public relations and event management which made the course all the more fun. One lecturer in particular helped me to realise which element of my course I wanted to develop further and base a career around. Listening to their individual experiences and scenarios within their careers gives you an excitement about where your studies will take you after your degree. With that being said, the business courses at Warrington don’t just teach you how to work within a business but give you a diverse set of skills and a broad knowledge of business as a whole.

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