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Graduation is one of our favourite times of the academic year because it means we get to celebrate the success and achievements of our students.

Our new graduates shared lots of photos of their well-deserved success and celebrations.


Graduated mate

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----‍--#master #graduation #management #university #universityofchester #uk #pic #picoftheday #england #lastweek

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Chester Cathedral makes an excellent graduation venue.


@uochester I feel like I’m on Hogwarts

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Ya gal’s a GRADUATE bois --‍-- #graduation #chester #cathedral #mychesterstory

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We love seeing students celebrate with their nearest and dearest, including those of the four legged variety.


We mustn’t forget the obligatory cap throw!


Graduation day! Class of 2018------‍--❤️

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We wish our new graduates all the best for the future.


Couple more pictures from Graduation #MyChesterStory #Sociology #MrBSc

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Graduation #MyChesterStory undergraduate

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