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Holly UoC Vicarage

Holly has recently joined the Corporate Communications department in a temporary position as Clerical Assistant through the University’s UniJob scheme. This week, we are delighted her to welcome her to the alumni blog. Now it’s over to Holly to tell us how the University of Chester has opened the door to a world of opportunities…

“My name is Holly Royle and having recently completed my BA in English Language and Literature, I have chosen to stay at the University of Chester to complete an MA in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture. The academic world is something I find fascinating. I enjoy studying and learning – this is the perfect environment for me, it’s full of creativity and encouragement to pursue what you love.

“As I reached the end of my bachelor’s degree, I began to reflect on the past few years and how far I have come over this time. When I made the decision four years ago to apply to study at the University of Chester I had no idea that I would achieve an amazing result in my degree, or that I would learn so much about myself. I had no idea that I would gain so much valuable work experience and skills that would lead to my determining of what I want to do in the future.

“The University operates a number of volunteering and work experience opportunities which I took advantage of during my BA and will continue to take advantage of through my MA studies. Volunteering as a peer mentor and a Student Academic Representative (StAR) at levels 5 and 6 greatly boosted my confidence and ability to communicate with others. Undertaking the work experience module at level 5, through which I worked at Chester Business School, gave me experience in marketing which then grew into my current career goal of working in music PR.

“As my confidence developed further, I became more determined to become involved with other events and activities. I attended talks on how to develop career skills, such as interview techniques, and careers talks from industry professionals. Not only are these events excellent additions to my CV, but I have benefitted hugely from attending them. At level 6 I gained employment in part time roles at the University through the UniJob scheme. I gained experience working in the Careers and Employability department developing marketing tools and currently PR experience through working in the Corporate Communications department. This experience is not only brilliant for pursuing my future career, but it also enabled me to become more involved with the University.

“In addition to all of the opportunities available internally, I have been involved in several ventures outside of the University. The skills and experience gained at the University provided means or assistance of getting this external experience. Following an ASK talk at level 6, by a PR and marketing company, I was able to gain a day of work experience at their office. More recently, prior to starting my MA, I had the opportunity to work at a music festival in Torquay. The experience and skills I have developed at University, enabled me to network and earn this experience by myself.

“I am incredibly thankful to the University of Chester for their student support services and the staff who are very helpful with assisting to develop both academic and work related skills. My experience at the University of Chester has been amazing and I am thrilled to have gained the extra knowledge and skills alongside my academic journey. I am looking forward to using the next year of studying for my MA to take part in other events held across the University.

“My advice to new students is to get involved with as many activities as possible alongside your studies. This will help to prepare for a future career once you graduate and set you apart from other graduates who do not have the same work experience or career skills.”

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