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Louis graduated from the then Chester College in the mid 1990s and returned to London to pursue a career in Public Relations (PR).  Having spent a number of years in some of the UK’s largest PR agencies, he moved in house to work in the Corporate Affairs team at Marks & Spencer, before returning to Chester to help launch the organisation’s credit card.

On leaving his role at Marks & Spencer, Louis was appointed head of communications at Kellogg’s in Manchester before leaving to set up Source PR around 15 years ago. Source PR is now one of the region’s leading PR and Digital communication agencies supporting a range of organisations across the UK with their PR, social media management and digital communications. 

Why did you decide to study at Chester?

“I was initially attracted to Chester because of its reputation for Sports Science, a course I was interested in. What sealed the deal was the fact it had a friendly inclusive Campus atmosphere and was also located just a short distance from the City of Chester – a beautiful city with a range of pubs, bars and clubs as well as cafes, shops and open spaces. I would say that growing up I was a bit of a nomad. I was born and brought up in the South of England, however I have also lived in the USA and London.”

Can you tell us about what you studied and why?

“To be honest, at the age of 17/18 I was not entirely sure of the course I wanted to study, but knew that I enjoyed sport and geography. As such, this was the joint honours degree I initially applied for. After the first term, I decided that Sport Science was not what I really wanted, and so was able to switch to a combined BA Hons in Geography and History.

“I really enjoyed the variety in the course and the fact that it was not particularly specific to a future career, but instead gave me a broader opportunity to follow a variety of options when I graduated. Having a degree allowed me to apply for a range of positions that otherwise I would not have been considered for, essentially giving me the required stepping-stone to get into the career I wanted. Importantly however, spending time at university did not only give me a degree but it also taught me to be more open minded, to live away from home and to mix with a wide range of people from all backgrounds. All skills that have been useful in my career.”

What are your plans for the future?

“Although I still see myself as being ‘young’, I’m married with two boys, the eldest of which has just started at university. My plans for the future entail continuing to build Source PR, my PR and marketing business in Chester, so that it we continue to grow, provide great PR support to businesses but also offer a great place to work. I hope that running a successful business will also enable me to have a good work life balance, to put back into other areas of life and to help those less fortunate than myself.”

How important it is to make the most of the opportunities that are provided at university?

“This is probably the most important question of all. It’s critically important that young people continue to push themselves and take all the opportunities that are presented to them. Taking an opportunity is a no-lose situation – if things don’t work out you have learned a valuable life lesson and if they do, then they become building blocks to a successful and fulfilled life.

“As well as taking opportunities, it’s important not to be afraid of change. We live in a time of significant change in a personal, professional and social capacity. Those most likely to succeed will be the ones most willing to embrace change and take the opportunities that are presented to them (or that they go out of their way and find!).”

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