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I studied BSc Sport & Exercise Sciences with Spanish at the University of Chester from 2017 to 2021. I chose to study at the University of Chester due to the flexibility it provided in relation to studying a course of my choice. The university provides numerous options for combined honours, which allowed me to study both Sport & Exercise Sciences as well as Spanish, and since I wanted to focus my studies on my career plans this course combination was ideal.

I was always interested in studying Sport & Exercise Sciences at the university since the course enabled me to gain experience in a variety of topics as opposed to specialising, allowing me to keep my doors open should I decide to change careers. I was able to study a module in Sports Coaching & Pedagogy, which was of particular interest to me and my career, however I was also able to expand my knowledge in a variety of other disciplines including Sport and Exercise Physiology, Sports Medicine, and Sports Biomechanics. The variety of modules available to study was my favourite aspect of the course.

Alongside this, I was able to continue studying Spanish and therefore improve not only my ability in the language but also to learn about various aspects of the language, country, and culture, all of which have been key in preparation for my move to Spain. What’s more, the opportunity to complete a year abroad in Spain as required by the Spanish course was invaluable, and a key part of my university experience.

It has always been my dream to work as a Football Coach in Spain therefore for my year abroad I found myself an internship as a Football Coach at Villarreal CF in Spain, which unfortunately was cut short due to the pandemic. I then returned to Chester to complete my final year of studies. After finishing my undergraduate degree in July 2021 and while waiting for the opportunity to arise to return to Spain to coach, I decided to enrol in a Postgraduate Degree, and so I am currently studying an online Master’s degree in Football Coaching & Analysis at University Campus of Football Business (UCFB). Then in February 2022 I was contacted by Villarreal CF and offered a full-time job as a Football Coach in the club’s International Department, and I have just completed my first 3 months living in Spain and working at the club!

My advice for those studying a language at the university with a desire to live and work abroad, is to take full involvement in the year abroad and find a placement within your desired area of interest. Grasp the opportunity with both hands and give it 100% because you never know where it may lead to, or in my case provide me with the job of my dreams!

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