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Alumnae duo, Haylo Theatre, have shared with us some of their favourite creative social isolation activities. Share your creations with us on social media – @ChesterAlumni.

Activity 1 – Portraits

You will need: Pen, paper & a partner (in person/video call, or a photograph).

How to play: You and your partner look at each other. Putting pen to paper draw each other’s faces. You can’t lift your pen off the paper at all and you can’t look down at your work until you’re done!

1 Portraits

Activity 2 – Object Memory

You will need: An object in your house that means something to you.

How to play: Take 5 minutes to write a short story about the object and its significance. Photograph your object and share your story.

Here is Haylo Theatre’s memory…


This porcelain seal reminds us of the first day at our office; it was an empty shell with just a desk and computer in. We celebrated by treating ourselves to cheese and crackers whilst sat on the floor admiring our new creative environment. We quickly learnt that eating cheese in a confined space was not a good idea – our office stunk for days. We have had our office for about two years now and we have filled it with books and files of notes and props, one of those props being this seal. We spend so much time in our office writing and creating, it is where we write all of our performances… but we make sure we don’t eat too much cheese there.

Activity 3 – Positive Visualisation

You will need: Pen & paper.

How to play: Listen to the video below and then write down your answers, thoughts and feelings.


Activity 4 – Self-Portrait

You will need: Mirror, pen, paper & various household objects.

How to play: Draw, collage or create a self portrait using found objects. It can be as abstract or literal as you like!

4 Self Portrait

Activity 5  – Create a Character

You will need: Pen & paper.

How to play: Take your emotion right now and put it with the last thing you ate out of the cupboard. Create a character profile. Send us a drawing of your isolation character!

5 Create a Character

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