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The feeling in my chest as I opened my results, I’ll never forget it.  

I felt as if my whole world had collapsed. I called my work and, through tears, told them I wouldn’t make it in for my shift as I would have to stay glued to my computer for the day to deal with dreaded Clearing. Or so I thought. 

My views on Clearing weren’t great prior to being thrown into the deep end last August on results day. I had never looked into it or considered I would need to apply through Clearing at the time, however, an on-going safeguarding issue at my college had meant I hadn’t been able to achieve my required grades, and it was safe to say, I was gutted. 

Dragging myself into my college, I slumped into a chair in the library and began to scroll through the courses and university options I had to choose from. I was unmotivated and even glancing at my grades made tears start up again. My mum made the call to take me home where I could focus a bit better and actually consider my options a bit more seriously. Thank goodness I did, or I wouldn’t be nearly as happy as I am right now, as I sit in Seabourne Library on Parkgate Road campus, the place I’m thrilled to call home. 

My Clearing experience was a breeze. I got to talk to some of the most supportive, down-to-earth staff over the phone who helped me clear my head and actually start to feel excited for the unknown of attending a university I had never even considered and enrolling upon a course I hadn’t even realised existed! Initially I received my offer for Forensic Psychology with a Foundation Year, however, I quickly realised that the course wasn’t what I really felt passionate about. So, I called up the Clearing hotline again to discuss my options and the member of staff eased my nerves and made the experience as stress-free and simple as possible. Thanks to that staff member I am now happily studying Forensic Biology for a total of 3 years. If I ever find out who he was, I’ll be sure to give him a lot of thanks for metaphorically saving my life. The University of Chester truly changed my life and I will be forever grateful for my time here. 

As a student who arrived through Clearing, I had a lot of doubts: ‘Was I capable enough? Would I succeed or struggle to cope at university-level?’ All reasonable questions to ask oneself, however, after attending Chester for a year now, I can confidently say those doubts I once had have now been put to rest. I have never been treated differently or felt I was any less than my peers. Whilst my lecturers are aware of the fact I came through Clearing, they have always treated me with respect and thanks to my volunteering for my department, I have excellent relations with all of my lecturers, so should I ever feel overwhelmed or like I’m struggling, I know I can speak to them without judgement. 

Studying at Chester has, so far, been the best experience of my life. I’m surrounded by supportive lecturers and members of staff who help you to succeed and become the best version of yourself. You grow as a person and become an adult with the new independence that university life brings, and you meet some of the most amazing people who will be with you for the rest of your life, thanks to the staggering amount of opportunities Chester provides. I am so thankful that I get to have and share #MyChesterStory. 

Here is a link to Chester’s Clearing Frequently Asked Questions page, for more information relating to Clearing at the University of Chester.

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