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Nando and Jo-Rosie have recently appeared on both Channel 4 and ITV helping the general public to train their pets.

The dog training industry is still unregulated, meaning that anyone, regardless of qualifications or experience, can set-up a dog training business. This means that there is little consistency in the methods used to train dogs, and dog welfare can suffer as a result. With an estimated 8.5 million dogs in the UK alone, more information is required on how best to train dogs ethically, and effectively.

Jo-Rosie and Nando train owners and professionals using scientifically-informed methods. Their talk and demo focused on bite work in dogs i.e. how to train dogs to attack on command. This training has traditionally involved encouraging defensive reactions in dogs, in order to motivate them to bite. Nando and Jo-Rosie explained that this need not be the case - dogs can be trained to perform defensive behaviours without feeling defensive themselves!  

The lecture theatre was packed, and staff and students alike learned a lot about the ethics of dog training!

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