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Which universities offer the course you want to do?

Figuring out which area of study to take up is a whole other conversation! But once you have made that choice, the next thing to look at is which universities offer the course you’re looking for. Before you get your heart set on somewhere, make sure they do exactly the course you’re after. It’s a good idea to really look into the modules they offer, as well as their teaching and assessment methods, to make sure they’re right for you. You can find information relating to Chester courses on our course pages.  

Where do you want to live?

Whether you’d like to move away, stay closer to home or just want to experience somewhere new, location plays a part in your university choices. And so it should, you’re going to be there for a few years! If you’re interested in Chester, have a look at some student snaps of the city. When choosing where to live you should also take your finances into account. Some cities (sorry London, we’re naming and shaming) are a lot more expensive than other locations to live, so consider if you’ll have the time for a weekend job if you’re leaning towards the big city life. If you’re thinking of going to a university close to your family, also think about your option to remain living at home – even doing that for just one year of your degree will keep your costs down.

Will you be getting what you need for your future?

If you already know what career you’d like to go in to, find out which universities offer what you’ll need above and beyond your degree. So many industries require relevant work experience (just dropping it in here that we offer real life work experience on every single one of our courses – subtle, we know), so is that something your university options can offer you? The same goes for skills, do the universities your considering offer the opportunity to work on the key skills you’ll need for your future career?

Do you want to spend some time studying abroad?

If this is something you’re interested in, then check which of your university choices offer this (you guessed it, we do). It may not be a deciding factor, but if you’re considering it, it’s good to know beforehand.

What facilities are important to you?

Depending on your degree, you may need access to specific facilities. Again, have a little look into if your university choices have these and to what standard. We’re really proud of our specialist campuses and facilities here at Chester.

What kinds of extracurricular activities are you interested in?

University can’t be all about studying! Make sure you take the time out to do things you really enjoy when completing your degree. Whether that’s joining sport teams, societies or volunteering, it’s good to know what your university choices can offer you outside of the lecture theatres and seminar rooms.

Go to an Open Day.

This last one isn’t a question, but some advice from world-weary advisers! Once you narrow your university choices down, visit as many of them as possible. Nothing gives you a feel for a university more than an Open Day. At our Open Days you have the opportunity to talk to academic staff and meet current students, as well as tour the campus and accommodation options. It also gives us the chance to show you what makes us different. Take a look at our Open Day dates and book an Open Day with us online. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, just get in touch or read our FAQs.







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Undergraduate Open Days 2020

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