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Llinos Edwards, 24, from Wrexham, has written the piece for the book Artability (Notion Press 2021,) edited by Ramamoorthi Parasuram and Supraja Parasuraman.

Llinos, who is currently studying for a MA in Special Educational Needs and Disability, wrote the chapter A Study on the Perspective of Practitioners on the Influence of Music on Young Children with Autism Spectrum Condition in a Specialist Setting.

The study reviews the use of music as an arts-based intervention with children with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC,) aged between five and seven, in a specialist early years setting.

In her experience of working with young children with ASC within specialist provision and from other published studies, Llinos found that including inclusive music sessions widened their sensory experiences, freedom of expression and movement and their creative diversity.

Llinos reviewed the attitudes and views of a small sample of specialist practitioners and their thoughts on using and incorporating music. Her chapter explores their perspectives of music on the holistic development and learning of young children with ASC.

Llinos said: “I was originally very nervous to begin the process, as I had never completed anything to this level before, but I was also very honoured and very grateful to have been considered and given this opportunity. With great support given by my family, I really enjoyed the process and it was very enjoyable to explore deeper into an area that had always interested me. To be published feels absolutely amazing - I am still not used to it now! When I received the book in the post, I couldn't quite believe it was real! 

 “Having observed music to be a powerful medium in supporting expression, engagement and sensory experiences for young children with autism and understanding the significant role practitioners have in children's early experiences, I wanted to utilise this opportunity to obtain a wider understanding of music's value from early years practitioners and share their perspectives.

“I utilised a qualitative research approach and created a questionnaire to share with previous practitioners I have been fortunate to work with, to obtain their perspective on the value of music as an arts-based intervention, its importance as an outlet for young children and how it impacts on young children's social and emotional development.”

With a passion for helping children with special educational needs and disabilities, Llinos has already achieved outstanding academic success with a First Class Early Childhood Studies degree and a Postgraduate Certificate in Autism, all at the University of Chester. She has also previously worked as a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant with young children with autism and carried out a Work Based Learning placement in special education and autism in specialist provision within a primary school.

Llinos has balanced her academic studies alongside undergoing - and recovering from - complex surgery related to Achondroplasia, a common form of dwarfism.

Llinos was encouraged to enter the world of academic writing by Senior Lecturer, Dr Chandrika Devarakonda, her tutor during her first degree. Earlier this year, Llinos contributed a chapter to Chandrika’s new book Promoting Inclusion and Diversity in Early Years Settings, as well as collaborating on an article with academics from Amity University in India on creative arts and disabilities.

Llinos added: “I am very grateful for the support offered by Dr Chandrika Devorakonda in this process to discuss ideas and approaches for this study and always being on hand with great advice. My experiences in both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies have been particularly supportive in understanding and carrying out effective research methods and critical analysis to a high level to ensure in-depth, and effective research.”

Chandrika said: “Llinos is always excited and is keen to be engaged in academic activities and always responds promptly and positively to any suggestions.

“Llinos is a role model for everyone and to believe and build on their own strengths. Keep enjoying this journey. There will be many more achievements and accolades in your future, Llinos.”

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