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A public lecture examining the language of religion and spirituality in the narratives of people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions takes place at the University of Chester on Tuesday, February 7.

In return for a bottle and a hangover, we have been given the keys to the kingdom: Reflections on the Language of Salvation in 12 Step Recovery is a talk by Dr Wendy Dossett, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Chester. It is hosted by the Chester Theological Society.

Dr Dossett is the Director (Research) of Chester Studies of Addiction, Recovery and Spirituality Group, and Principal Investigator of the Higher Power Project, which explores the language of religion and spirituality in recovery from substance use disorders and other addictions.

Dr Dossett said: “The lecture proposes ways in which religious studies and theology (not just ‘religion’) can contribute to addressing some of the challenges faced by people seeking recovery. It explores the contours of addiction recovery within the well-known, yet also mysterious, setting of Alcoholics Anonymous, and evaluates the influence of the Oxford Group (a Protestant missionary organisation) on AA’s Twelve Step Programme. All are welcome to attend!”

The lecture takes place on Tuesday February 7th February 2017, at 7.30pm at Hollybank House (accessed from Parkgate Road – opposite the entrance to the Parkgate Road Campus - or Liverpool Road.). Admission is £3 or £1 for students and concessions. Refreshments will be available.

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