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Starting and maintaining an active lifestyle while at university is so easy at Chester because there are a wide range of free opportunities and adventures to make the most of your experience.  

Benefits of an active lifestyle 

An active lifestyle has lots of benefits for your mental health, and all you need to do is get up and get moving. Exercise can help your wellbeing because it boosts your heart rate and can increase your mood, energy, and alertness. These are essential for writing your essays and revision. Being active is also a great stress reducer when it comes to your deadlines and workload. So what can you do at Chester to ensure you have an active lifestyle?  

Free sports and physical activity 

Whether you prefer to be in a team or be active alone, there is something for everyone here at the University of Chester. There are a range of facilities available at the Exton Park site, including a 25-metre swimming pool that is open at set times of the day, perfect for before those 9am lectures, lunchtime, or afternoon swims. There are also a wide range of free facilities for students to hire. You can hire the squash courts, tennis court or dance studio to keep active and have fun with your friends. 

Another free way to join in at Chester is with the University sports teams. There are a wide range of clubs from football, lacrosse, rowing, rock climbing, and even a running society. There are so many ways to get involved and try new things - you'll never be bored and you can find the perfect fit for your new active lifestyle. 

One facility that has a cost involved for students who aren’t fully catered is the University Fitness Suite. The Fitness Suite has many different payment options, from pay as you go at £3, to an annual cost of approx. £160. The Fitness Suite is in the perfect location when living on-site, with over 100 pieces of equipment, a spin studio and a strength and conditioning studio. They also have free training sessions as part of your membership when signing up through Playwaze. 


The Playwaze App is a must if you love the sound of free exercise classes or access to specialised trainers for those who have joined the gym and competitions. Some of the available classes include virtual spin classes, instructor-led spin classes, Pilates, boxercise, and weight training. Or, if you simply want to relax after finishing an assignment, why not join in with the lilo chill parties with your friends where you can listen to relaxing music and enjoy the pool. And finally, this app is excellent if you need a bit of motivation through competitiveness. Every month the app has challenges where you can compete against others but also earn points to get rewards. You can trade your points for active University clothing and feel a sense of achievement that you are getting active.  

Local adventures 

For those that like to do new things and enjoy the outdoors and nature, Chester is perfect for you! With the canal running along the edge of Exton Park, you can get away from the busy streets and walk or run along the Shropshire Union Canal. Or, why not go further afield and get the train to Delamere Forest for routes as long as 10km in the forest. You can be even more adventurous and take to the treetops with the Go Ape challenge or go paddle boarding with your friends at Delamere! There are so many adventures and activities that can add to an active lifestyle. All you need to do is look for what you can get involved with and go for it. Make each moment a moment to remember.

You can find out more about the University of Chester's Sport and Active Lifestyle team here.

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