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Produced by students and staff at the University of Chester, this fortnightly podcast follows Gyles and Aphra Brandreth as they explore the poetry, heritage and people of each of the 56 countries of the Commonwealth.

In each episode, the pair are joined by special guests and in this special Remembrance Sunday edition listeners will hear HRH The Duke of Kent, President of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, and Royal biographer Hugo Vickers, share their love of poetry with the father and daughter team.

Recorded at York House in London, and produced by Iwan Morgan, Niall Thomas, Shantell Esse Agoreyo, and Olowale Adediran this Sunday’s edition features war poems from across the Commonwealth.

It also highlights the incredible work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, a global organisation, which cares for war graves at 23,000 locations in more than 150 countries and which commemorate almost 1.7 million individuals.

Poems featured in this edition include In Flanders Fields by John McCrae; The Gift of India by Sarojini Naidu, and The Landing by George Street.

Gyles said: “Our podcast explores the wealth of literacy wonders across the Commonwealth and on this occasion, we were so honoured to be joined by The Duke of Kent and Hugo Vickers in remembering the contribution and sacrifice of the many men and women from all around the Commonwealth who died during both world wars.”

He added: “We currently have students and staff from 28 different Commonwealth countries at the University of Chester and I am thrilled that this creative project has provided a wonderful opportunity to showcase the impressive creative skills and talents of individuals from across the University of Chester.

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