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The compilation, i am not a robot, was featured on Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone show, which celebrates the very best in weird and wonderful music.

He played two tracks, Not a Love Song and RIP the Band Aid by Graphic Design student Jessica Billington, who also designed the CD cover. The compilation has been partially funded by the Department of Art and Design, with tracks by Senior Lecturer Kevin Furlong and Technician Tom Hignett. This is the second release facilitated by Kevin, who has been developing the compilations as part of his audio research.

Kevin said: “i am not a robot – an audio study of human dysfunction, listened to the dysfunction of human activity and focussed on the illustration of the human voice and noisy objects triggered by human activity. Previous research has focussed on noise and how noise invades and seeps into human listening space. Other artists were invited to contribute to the theme as part of their own research.”

Jessica, 21, from Bromborough, Wirral, said: “I’ve always been involved within the music scene in Liverpool and after Kevin Furlong came across some of my motion design work and learnt about my history of music, he got me involved with the original Spaceships over Zero CD, both creating a track for the project and also creating the CD artwork.

“Due to the success of the first release, Kevin asked me to create three tracks for i am not a robot and create the artwork for that as well! It is amazing to have been involved in such a creative project that has allowed me to experiment with my music style so much, and for two of my tracks to have been played live on radio was such an achievement, as a musician and designer.

“My work is very much inspired by Punk and my love for sounds that are out of the ordinary... I’ve always enjoyed layering and almost collating different bits of sound together to create an overall atmosphere. Capturing moments of extreme emotion, such as the laughter heard within RIP the Band Aid, which was a collection of sounds made to describe some of the extreme emotions I was feeling at the time of creating the music, I was ripping the Band Aid off and seeing life in a different way. Not a Love Song was more based on using synthesisers and pianos to capture a soft piece to reflect to. 

“To hear such a well renowned radio host play and talk about my music on BBC 6 Music was such an honour. My Dad was the person to introduce me to the station when I was younger, and it is constantly on whether we are in the car or it’s playing on the radio in the house, having my music played on the radio that has inspired me to grow and develop as a musician, there are honestly no words to describe how over the moon I am. Maconie’s show has been a big inspiration to me whilst developing as an artist and has now helped me spread my music into the world. It’s a dream come true.” 

To obtain a copy of the CD contact Clare Dickens in the Department of Art and Design on

Caption: The official promotional image release for the CD, i am not a robot, taken by Kristian Patten, a second year Photography student. The artists in the image are, left to right and back to front: cranksnapper; Brother James Spaceship meets Sister Uriel at Heaven’s Gate; Just; zeronoise and Jessica Billington.

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