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Over the next 100 days, we’re going to introduce you to 100 of our students with each one telling you their own Chester Story.

You’ll be able to follow the stories each day on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat accounts and you’ll be able to take a look back at each one via our #100Students100Stories web page.

Across the 100 days you can expect to find out how some of our students felt when moving into accommodation on their very first day, and how they ended up joining and competing with one of the University’s many sports teams and societies. There are stories about our fantastic Study Abroad opportunities, Careers Service and the odd fond tale from graduates looking back on their time with us.

You might be asking, why 100 students and why start introducing them today? Well, apart from 100 being a nice round number, it’s also exactly 100 days from today until Sunday 23rd September: the official start of Induction and Freshers’ Week 2018!

On this day we’ll be welcoming all our new students to the University of Chester, as well as catching up with existing students after a long summer apart. The day will mark the start of many more memories and friendships being forged, and together they’ll form part of our own historic Chester Story.


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