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Becoming a part of a sports team or society can be one of the most exciting things about starting university. It’s a chance to keep up with a much-loved hobby or even try out something completely different. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people from the moment you start.

We understand that the events of this year so far have changed and perhaps complicated the idea of playing sports and taking part in physical activity. That’s why we’ve created our very own ‘Chester Rules’!

What is ‘Chester Rules’?

‘Chester Rules’ is our new initiative to ensure that you can still take part in various sports and activities when you start university in September. ‘Chester Rules’ are customised games that can be played whilst maintaining social distancing, so you can get involved without having to worry about close contact. We have worked hard to ensure that sports and activities at Chester can continue as close to normal and as safely as possible.

Something for Everyone.

Our Sport and Active Lifestyle team have come up with a huge variety of sports and activities to get involved with. ‘Chester Rules’ include all the major sports you would expect, including non-contact versions of football, cricket, hockey, netball – to name a few! We are also offering league sports such as tennis, badminton and darts, so why not get your friends involved and get competitive? Or, perhaps you’d prefer to take part in an E-Sports league, like FIFA or Formula 1? The choice is yours!

If sport isn’t your thing but you still want to take part and keep active at university, we have a number of socially-distanced walking, cycling and running groups, as well as the opportunity to attend fitness classes or even give them a go virtually!

Welcome Week.

If you’re unsure what you will enjoy the most, Welcome Week is the time to try out as many things as possible! We will be hosting a variety of ‘Chester Rules’ taster sessions throughout Welcome Week, so pick your favourites and give them a go!

We recognise that sport and activity can be an important factor when starting university and we are excited for ‘Chester Rules’ to really take off from September. Whether it’s playing for a team, joining a fitness class or taking part in a virtual league, there really is something for everyone.


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