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Sheethal Ragunath

In April 2021, Chester Students’ Union announced the results of the Student Council by-elections. 

One of the roles contested was International Students Representative.

The elected member for this role is MBA student, Sheethal Ragunath (pictured above), originally from India. Sheethal is now part of the Student Council and is responsible for ensuring the international student voice is heard. Sheethal will officially be in post from July 2021.

To learn more about the position and Sheethal’s vision, check out the profile below.

What does the role of International Students Representative involve? 

I have been elected to provide a voice for international students at Chester Students’ Union council meetings, ensuring international students have a say in University decisions. My role also includes providing free advice to students and being involved in a variety of social events and activities hosted on campus.

What are your main objectives? 

Culture shock support 

I am aware of the challenges that international students face on arrival to the UK. Being an international student is extremely exciting, but can sometimes be daunting and confusing, especially if English is not your first language. I believe that virtual and/or face-to-face support sessions should be set up every week so no student feels left out and overwhelmed.  

Awareness of the Wellbeing team 

I wish to create improved awareness of the University’s Wellbeing team, so students can have an open discussion about their wellbeing and mental health when needed.

Awareness of student shout-out emails 

The student shout-out emails provide weekly updates from the University and advertise volunteering opportunities. I will ensure awareness of these emails is increased.

Improve career opportunities

I would like to see more careers fairs for students and increase awareness of the CareerHub team.

Are you involved in any societies? 

I am a member of the Chester Student Dog Walkers. It is a volunteering role, where we provide support to members of the local community who own dogs but are unable to walk them regularly. I am also a volunteer at the Co-op local community cause.   

What would be your message to international students who want to share their views with you? 

Every student has the right to feel at home here, even if you travelled from a country thousands of miles away.  The only way to be heard is by speaking up. I will strive to listen to everyone’s views and opinions and take necessary actions to improve your University experience.

Students can contact Sheethal via the Students’ Union website.

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