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7th January

Running up to the UCAS Deadline

Whether you’ve already submitted your application, you’re holding your finger over the button or you’re ironing out those final touches – we’ve got you covered. Our Admissions team will be available on Tuesday 7th January between 3:30pm-5:30pm for a Live Chat Q&A to put those last-minute nerves to rest. This works just like a Facebook messenger group chat, so feel free to ask any questions you have. All you need to do beforehand is sign up for the online event here.

15th January

UCAS Deadline

6pm today is the UCAS deadline. Submitting your application in time means that universities will consider it equally with all others. If you miss it and submit your application afterwards, they no longer have to do this. So, don’t be on the back foot before you’ve even begun, do your best to hit that deadline!

25th February

UCAS Extra Opens

If you’re not holding any offers after using your five choices (whether that’s because you’ve not been accepted or you’ve declined), Extra is another opportunity for you to gain a place at university. If you're eligible, between 25th February and 5th July you can apply to additional universities, one at a time.

Decision Dates

It gets a little bit complicated in this part – but this bit is especially important. Below are the dates you must reply to any offers from universities, based on when you receive the decisions from your choices:

5th May - If you receive all your university decisions by 31st March, reply to any offers by today, otherwise they will be declined (except if you have a postal address outside the EU, or are using Extra to find a place).

6th May - If you applied by 15th January and are still awaiting a decision from one of your choices, universities have until today to decide whether they’re making you an offer. Any choices that are still outstanding by tomorrow will be made unsuccessful.

4th June - If you receive all your university decisions by 6th May, reply to any offers by today, otherwise they'll be declined (this includes applicants with a postal address outside the EU, but not applicants using Extra to find a place).

18th June - If you receive all your university decisions by 4th June, reply to any offers by today (except if you are using Extra to find a place), otherwise they’ll be declined.

Just be aware that there is also a final decision date in July (read on a little further).

30th June

Apply with Five Choices – Final Date

Until 6pm today, you can still apply with up to five choices on your UCAS Undergraduate application form. Once this has passed, you’ll automatically be entered into Clearing.

5th July

UCAS Extra – Final Date

Today is the last day that you’ll be able to add an Extra choice in Track on a UCAS Undergraduate application for 2020 entry.

6th July

Clearing for 2020 Opens

If you don’t quite get the grades you were after on results day or you have a change of heart, then Clearing is the ideal option for you, as it offers the opportunity for you to apply for another course or another university.

20th July

Decision Date

If you receive all your university decisions by 13th July, including Extra choices, reply to any offers by today (otherwise, they'll be declined, and your application will be entered into Clearing if you're eligible).

13th August

A Level Results Day

The day you’ve worked so hard for! Hopefully you’ll get the grades you were hoping for, but if not, there’s no need to panic, as you still have options with Clearing. (We’ll have loads more info for you on this closer to the time).

We’ll have plenty more advice and guidance for you throughout this year in the lead up to you going to university, so keep an eye out!

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