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Jack Hewitt, Postgraduate Student

Jack completed his BSc Sport and Exercise Science degree with us before moving on to study our MSc Sociology of Sport and Exercise, where he qualified for reduced course fees through our Graduate Loyalty Discount.

Why did you chose to study MSc Sociology of Sport and Exercise with us?

During my BSc, I took a particular interest in the Sociology of Sport module. Therefore, I wanted to further develop my subject knowledge within this field and apply it to a wider range of sport and health contexts. The flexibility within the MSc modules allowed to apply sociological theory to my topics of interest, to give me a more theoretical understanding of the phenomena prevalent within these sports.

My lecturers during my BSc were extremely supportive, the content and teaching styles of lectures really suited how I learn, and I wanted to continue being given this high level of support during my MSc. 

How did you enjoy your Master's degree?

The course was thoroughly engaging from start to finish. The flexibility within the modules allowed me to align my essays with my sporting interests which made completing assignments much more motivating and engaging. The standout highlight for me was combining my academic knowledge and skills to complete my dissertation, within which I investigated the Sociological factors influencing women’s participation in the largely maledominated sport of rock climbing. 

How well were you supported as a postgraduate student? 

The staff were extremely supportive from start to finish. The ways in which they conducted their lectures/seminars were always interactive and engaging and they always encouraged us to fire away with questions. Furthermore, all the staff were extremely adaptive during the transition from inclass lectures to working from home due to the initial lockdown in March 2020. Despite this massive change, the quality of the lectures stayed consistent, and the support offered during this time was incredible considering the difficult circumstances.

How do you organise your postgraduate study alongside your friends and family, and other existing commitments?

My study/life balance during my MSc course was perfect. I believe we were only in twice a week which encouraged a lot more autonomy in terms of further reading outside of lectures and completing assignments. The extra free time allowed me to plan my learning around my work/social life very well.

What are you doing now you have completed your postgraduate degree?

Since completing my postgraduate degree I spent a year living in Sheffield, where I obtained a job conducting sporting activities with SEND children in the care system. This was an extremely rewarding opportunity that allowed me to apply much of my university knowledge to improve the physical and social skills of others. During this time, I also continued working with my dissertation supervisor, Dr. Nollaig McEvilly, to publish my MSc Dissertation thesis titled: ‘I didn't realise the variety of people that are climbers': a sociological exploration of young women's propensities to engage in indoor rock climbing’.

In July 2021 I moved to Liverpool where I obtained a position as a ‘Digital Health Assessor’ with a company named ORCHA. Here I am responsible for assessing digital health technologies, alongside engaging in numerous projects with various NHS trusts and international health authorities. I have recently been involved in a project with the NHS aiming to reduce the elective care backlog through using digital health technologies which is set to be deployed in various NHS Trusts later this year. My current job allows me to apply the knowledge and skills I have obtained during my time at university, whilst also allowing me to apply my sociological knowledge to offer a unique perspective on overcoming the barriers facing the ubiquitous integration of these technologies throughout the UK and wider world.

How has your postgraduate degree helped you with your career goals?

My postgraduate degree has equipped me with a range of skills that I apply every day within my position of work. I am consistently required to conduct independent research and display the findings in various formats such as reports or presentations. I would be nowhere near as competent at doing these things if it were not for the module and assessment formats of my postgraduate course, alongside the continued support from the staff.


If you'd like to find out more about our MSc Sociology of Sport and Exercise take a look at our course page. You can also visit us to find out all about postgraduate study, we're holding a number of Open Days in June.

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