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Course: BA Events Management

Graduated: 2019

Current job title 

Event Operations Executive, Rapidnews

Tell us about your career highlights 

Preparing for and managing a successful b2b exhibition, solo after 2 years in the role.

What were your best moments at university?

Gaining a better understanding of what my preferred career path was.  Increasing my confidence when public speaking through presentations.  This has greatly aided me in the professional world when talking to clients and pitching new ideas.

Why did you choose to study events?

Events suited my personality and allowed me to develop multiple practical and social skills, which I believe have not only improved my professional career, but also my personal life.

Do you have advice for students and graduates? 

There are so many ways to be involved in events. My advice would be to give everything a try, as that way you can see what excites you and fits your skills set best. And don’t forget it’s not only the roles within events that are broad, but the subjects also. If you have a specific personal interest why not try and link that to your professional career.

On the flip side of this, just because you may be working on an event you have little interest in it is a good opportunity to become immersed in a new topic, which may become a new interest.

The beauty of events is that there are no two the same, so every event brings with it its own challenges, lessons, and enjoyment!


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