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One of the best ways to really experience what it's like to live and study at Chester is to visit us. However, another great way to find out about Chester is by speaking to current students and other applicants through our forum in The Student Room.

The Student Room


What is The Student Room?

The Student Room is a community of over 3 million people, discussing everything to do with universities, exams, hobbies, current affairs, lifestyle and much more. It's easy to spend hours going through the various threads and getting involved in the discussions, but we just wanted to point you in the direction of the University of Chester forum for a moment.

In our forum you'll find several different threads that have been created by other students. These include applicant discussions, finding out what Chester nightlife is like, accommodation threads, and subject discussions for many of our courses. The helpful community of current students, graduates and other applicants can usually be relied upon to give helpful advice, and honest experiences of their time at Chester. However, we also have an official profile if you'd like to have your questions answered by a member of staff at the University of Chester.


How to register

If you're interested in joining The Student Room, registering is quick and free to do. Once you've registered, you can get involved with forums and start chatting with members of the University of Chester community. 

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