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We have all been there, the sleepless nights and second-guessing if your first choice is the right choice for you. Try not to worry. Here is my checklist of 5 ways to know you have chosen the right university for you. 

  1. You have attended an open day or applicant day

    Even during the coronavirus, universities have been doing everything they can to make sure applicants like you can still get the important experience of attending an open or applicant day. Traditionally, these events take place on campus and allow you to explore your new surroundings in person, but if you have not managed that this year, don’t worry there are still lots of ways to experience the university of Chester from your own home. Find out more about University of Chester’s applicant days

  2. You have spoken to someone you trust

    Everyone needs advice from others, especially when making an important decision like where to study at university. As a student, you will have lots of support available, from your current teachers, family, friends, and anybody else whose opinion you trust. Do not be afraid to share any worries or concerns with people, because often, it can help you realise what you really want. 

  3. You have spoken to current students

    There is nobody better to ease your pre-university nerves than a current student. Luckily for you, several University of Chester business school students are taking over the uoc_business Instagram  every Wednesday of May. Follow uoc_business to speak to some of our current students during their live takeovers.

  4. You have checked more than your course

    As a university student, there is a lot more to student life than just your course. When choosing the right university for you, you should also consider other elements of the university like the students union, accommodation, extracurricular activities and student support services. Don’t underestimate how much you might need them during your time at university!

  5. You are made to feel welcome

    At the University of Chester, everybody is made to feel welcome regardless of their level of study, chosen course, ability, or background. There are loads of ways to get involved in the University of Chester community and one of the best ways is to take part in the student’s union. From day one the SU will be on hand to make you feel welcome and that’s when you’ll know the University of Chester is the right university for you.

    As I approach my final year studying Marketing Management at Chester Business School, I look back and realise just how important all of these steps were in my journey of applying to university. Staff supported me as an applicant and now a student.

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