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The Business Management course made me become more aware of how dynamic industries really are and how underappreciated firms and the individuals involved are. It’s easy to forget about when you are a consumer!

As part of the course, we had to deliver a group presentation based on an object we were given. However, we couldn’t say the actual purpose of the object and each team was only given 30 minutes to come up with another purpose or use for the object. My team was given a tennis ball and we had to find another purpose for this object; we came up with the idea of the ball being used to roll out tensed muscles. We also found other purposes such as stress ball, cleaning shoes, putting it in washing machine with towels for fluffy towels. The whole objective was to build confidence in delivering presentations. This also gave us the opportunity to engage with each other as students, by giving constructive and formative feedback to each other on the delivery of the presentations. This was a fun, mentally stimulating team exercise which challenged us to come up with solutions and step outside our comfort zones. Amazing right?! We also got assessed on the personal skills we had developed, which, allowed me to see improvements that are to be made. I‘ve also learnt useful Microsoft Word techniques such as, formatting content tables and inputting data into excel sheets correctly, which has allowed me to further develop my IT skills.

I also got the opportunity to work in a peer lead project which included teams of nine, we had to come up with three queries for each element of our portfolios. This allowed me to ask questions on topics or questions I wasn’t so sure about, we all did this, which in the end, benefited us a class. Collaboratively working together allowed me to identify questions that needed addressing and what I needed more information on, allowing me to form a good judgment of what is needed within the portfolio. Overall my first year was full of surprises and personal growth opportunities, which I can apply to situations in the future.

The University have student representatives for each department and to push myself out of my comfort zone, I became one. This proved to be a great opportunity to meet other students from different departments within the Business School. The role included, liaising with students on my course to identify possible issues or difficulties they had experienced, either relating to the course or general campus issues, discussing possible solutions that could be implemented to resolve these issues and meeting with vice student representatives every month.


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