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Liz Hendy, Postgraduate Student

Why did you chose to study MRes in Gender Studies with us?

The MRes in Gender Studies course seemed like a fascinating opportunity for me to combine my undergraduate Film Studies degree with my passion for feminism. I wanted to further my education and begin a career path towards becoming a lecturer.

How did you enjoy your Master's degree?

The MRes in Gender Studies was a brilliant course that I thoroughly enjoyed. The course covered a range of topics, and gave us the skill set required for researching, writing, and completing a research dissertation. Some of the best moments were those I shared with my cohort, having long discussions in our sessions with sugary snacks to keep us going.

How well were you supported as a postgraduate student?

The staff on the course were always ready to offer a helping hand, whether over a coffee or on a quick Teams catch up call. I felt I could always depend on them to help and offer me great advice when I needed it. My PAT, Professor Emma Rees, was a lifeline throughout the course, always there to make helpful reading suggestions, listen to your anxieties, and cheer you on when you needed a confidence boost during difficult writing days. She is the reason I came back to Chester to study for a PhD.

I received support from the study skills team when I needed advice on referencing issues.

How did you fund your Master's Degree?

To help cover the course fees I took out a postgraduate loan, as well as continuing my part-time job to get a bit of extra cash for living expenses.

What are you doing now you have completed your postgraduate degree?

I am studying for a PhD at Chester.

How has your postgraduate degree help you with your career goals?  

The MRes gave me valuable skills to prepare me for taking on a PhD. From completing the Gender Studies course, I already had experience of researching and working on my own project. I am hoping to train to become a lecturer.


If you'd like to find out more about our MRes in Gender Studies take a look at our course page. You can also visit us to find out all about postgraduate study, we're holding a number of Open Days in June.

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