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Posters by Seamus Monaghan

Seamus Monaghan, aged 30, who lives in Camberwell, London, has been taking part in a feel-good project to raise money for the National Emergencies Trust (NET).

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Illustration of Seamus Monaghan. Credit @littleajamesarnold.
Illustration of Seamus Monaghan. Credit @littleajamesarnold.

Seamus, who graduated in 2014, now works as a Graphic Designer for Some Good Ideas, specialising in brand identity design, website design, digital marketing, and social media content creation. 

Seamus’ latest project has been creating a series of humorous posters based around lockdown and the ways in which people have kept themselves entertained. The idea was created by Charlie Gladstone, founder of Some Good Ideas. Seamus worked with Charlie to refine the concept and add a number of phrases and key dates that relate to lockdown with an element of humour, such as ‘disinfectantgate’ and ‘the great loo roll shortage of 2020’.

Seamus said: “At its heart I suppose the project simply aims not to take ourselves too seriously. We’re giving 10% of all money taken to the National Emergencies Trust, too. Each poster has been sold as a pre-order, then printed (and framed if required), and dispatched within a couple of weeks. It is slower than ‘normal', but crucially it creates zero waste.”

Seamus, who has also worked with brands including FILA, The North Face, Playboy and Star Wars, added: “Some Good Ideas is a website for inspiring, fun, educational, maybe even controversial, ideas. We want it to be human; by real people for real people. We want it to be full of original stories, art and culture. We want to encourage new hobbies, new friendships, new relationships with nature, food and culture. We are a focal point for the community we have become a part of through our festival The Good Life Experience and our residential camps at Glen Dye and Hawarden.”

The team created 78 posters in total, and there are more on the horizon. To date the Some Good Ideas team have raised over £1,600 for NET.


Posters by Seamus Monaghan
Posters by Seamus Monaghan

The 10 most popular posters can be purchased here:


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