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Temi and Pam two international students meet at University of Chester.

Here at the University of Chester, international students get so much more than just a degree.

In fact, for two former international students, it was here where they met their future spouse!

Pamela, from Nigeria joined the University of Chester in 2014 to study an MBA at Chester Business School. Read about how she met her fellow MBA student and future husband, Temi below:

“I can still remember the day I flew to England to start my studies. As I was about to board my flight, my parents told me to work hard and achieve greatness. After bidding them farewell, I started to wonder whether my experience in Chester would exceed my expectations.

I can confidently say it did!

My journey started one fateful day during the start of the programme. I was the only Nigerian student in my 2014 MBA cohort. My professor at the time said he’d like me to meet another Nigerian MBA student in another cohort called Temitope. ‘Temi', as he is affectionately known, had also been told the same thing. I went to go and look for Temi in class but was told he had already left to go and look for me! It was like a typical Hollywood love scene. Thankfully, our paths met and the rest, as they say, is history.

During the early stages of our relationship, we had our differences, but we made it work. Our love grew as each day passed. We would go on long walks and visit local churches and markets in and around the beautiful city of Chester. As our journey in Chester continued, we became inseparable. We eventually became an item here and we will always have a special place in our hearts for this wonderful city.

One evening, Temi planned a dinner party for us and our friends- little did I know it was also a staged engagement party! The event started at 4pm and everyone was having a grand old time. I was slightly confused when the waiter brought out a complimentary dish especially for me. The plate was covered by a metal lid. I had anticipated some kind of special meal. However, when I took the lid off, tears started rolling down my cheek. I sat in awe as a sparkling diamond ring was revealed, glistening in all its glory. Temi then got down on one knee and asked the most important question of my life: Will you marry me?

I’m sure you can work out which answer I gave!

Temi and I officially got married on 9th November 2016, after a series of events across Nigeria which included:

Engagement party - Lagos
Introduction party - Lagos & Delta
Court marriage - Ikoyi, Lagos
Traditional marriage - Asaba, Delta.

We have plans to have a big white wedding in Chester sometime!

At the University of Chester, two complete strangers from different cultures came together as one. Temi and I will never forget the precious moments we shared together here.”

Life in 2021

Pamela and Temi are currently spending married life in New Zealand. Pamela now works at Kiwibank, one of the country’s leading banks, as a Business Banking Specialist whilst Temi, following the completion of his doctorate degree is a Programme Manager at Auckland University Students' Association.

Did you find love at the University of Chester? We’d love to hear about your story! Just send an email to the International Centre.

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