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Applying for university through Clearing can, quite frankly, be quite stressful.  If you don’t get the grades you were expecting or change your mind about where you want to study, it can suddenly seem very daunting having to start all over again. 

But Clearing doesn’t have to be a negative experience.  It’s now a much more common route into university than it once was, and can end up providing some brilliant opportunities.

Current Psychology student Lucy Boyd came to Chester through Clearing and hasn’t looked back since.  We asked her to share her experiences of applying and how she adjusted to life at Chester…

What degree had you originally applied for and where?

Geography at Newcastle University

What circumstances led you to entering Clearing? Tell us about the ups and downs of A-level results day.  

Unfortunately, as I did not get the required grades for Newcastle University, I was not able to go there so results day was an upsetting occasion for me.

Did you do any preparation or research before results day?

I had done a little research into other options but I just hoped that I would not need to use them.

Where did you go for help and support throughout the process?

I initially went to my careers advisor at school who told me to just start calling as many universities as I could as soon as I could.

How did you find out what courses were available?

Myself and my mum started googling other universities to see which ones offered the course I wanted.

What factors made you finally settle on the course you chose?

I just went with my instinct and trusted myself that I had made the right choice.

Did you attend a Clearing campus tour? If you went, was it helpful and did it alleviate any concerns you had?

Yes, I attended a campus tour and it made me feel much more relaxed.

How has your time at university been? Has it delivered what you were looking for and are you happy?

My time at university has been so worthwhile so far and I have absolutely no regrets. The support I have received has been great and so I would recommend it to anyone.

How has your course supported or changed your career ambitions?

It’s helped me realise that my degree offers such a wide variety of career options and that there are many advisors that can help me in this area.

Find out More

There’s lots of information and advice about applying through Clearing on our website, as well as a list of up-to-date course vacancies at the University of Chester.  You can also check out our recent blogs on surviving results day and tips for Clearing.

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