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Whether it’s work, family or other life commitments, we know the prospect of returning to study alongside everything else life throws your way can seem like a daunting prospect. The good news is that here at Chester we have a variety of options to make studying fit around your current schedule. Enhancing your career prospects doesn’t have to come at the expense of your current obligations as our flexible approach to learning gives you the freedom to manage your studies in a way that works for you.

Flexible Study Options

Studying at postgraduate level does not mean you have to commit to a full-time schedule at university. In addition to our full-time courses, we have an extensive choice of part-time and flexible study options. Many of our students choose this option as they find it allows them to pursue their ambitions to achieve a professional qualification around existing work and/or life commitments. Whether you are looking to advance your career and study alongside part-time work, or pursue a subject you are passionate about, we aim to help accommodate your studying needs.

Earn as you Learn

Our Work Based and Integrative Studies (WBIS) course is a perfect choice if you’re looking to gain a qualification while enhancing your career aspirations, as this degree allows you to ‘learn while you earn’. During this course, you will receive academic recognition for the skills and knowledge developed through real workplace learning in areas that are important to you. The course consists of a flexible and adaptable approach, which is ideal if you are seeking professional development opportunities. The course is also customised so it relates directly to your personal work setting, making it a highly effective way of achieving your objectives.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Designed and delivered by experts, our CPD courses are created with your professional development in mind. If you are interested in enhancing your expertise in a specific area, one of our bespoke CPD courses could help you achieve the qualifications you need to progress.

Accreditation for Prior Learning (APCL/APEL)

Any pre-existing study you have already completed could be put towards achieving a postgraduate degree. If you possess higher-level qualifications or experience, you may be able to claim credit for a course, or part of a course. Please contact the relevant subject department for further information on how this works in relation to your course. Please note that this does not apply to MPhil or PhD courses.

Single Modules

Is there a specific area you’re interested in studying, without committing to a full postgraduate degree? If there’s a particular single module you’d like to study as opposed to a full postgraduate course, there may be an opportunity for you to do so. To find out if the module you are interested in is available to study as a standalone short course, please get in touch with the course contact directly and they will explain the options available to you in greater detail.

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