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A Marketing Management degree covers a number of diverse opportunities. In my second year at Chester I completed a five-week Work Based Learning placement as part of my degree course. I was lucky to secure a place at Royal Caribbean International as a Direct Marketing and Customer Relationship Management Intern. This role allowed me to put my skills into practice and boost transferable skills in a professional environment. 

Following my internship at Royal Caribbean I was delighted to receive an offer letter for a graduate position with the company which I’ll start once I’ve successfully completed my degree. 

Just four days after receiving my offer letter I set off to study abroad and spend a year in Walt Disney World, Orlando from July 2017. I undertook Disney classes which allowed me to study marketing from the Disney perspective and to explore marketing roles that exist within the company. 

I’ve enjoyed studying Marketing Management at Chester and exploring the diversity of the marketing sector and its similarities and differences in a variety of industries. Marketing is not just one subject as it covers business, digital, communications, creative, branding and psychology. In my final year, I have particularly enjoyed being able to produce work in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Marketing [CIM] which has allowed me to collaborate my professional and academic skills in a business environment.

Royal Caribbean launched the world’s biggest cruise ship in April 2018 in Barcelona and I was lucky enough to return to the company to be part of the International Symphony of the Seas launch team.  I look forward to launching my own career now with Royal Caribbean!

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