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Dr Gareth Nye, a lecturer of physiology at Chester Medical School, will speak at Diabetes UK’s ‘Type 1 and Tech Conference’, an event focussing on the use of technology to help in the management of the condition.

Dr Nye’s four-year-old daughter Gracie is a Type 1 diabetic, and while the family now has access to ‘game-changing’ technology – such as insulin pumps and blood glucose monitors to help manage Gracie’s condition – it wasn’t a straightforward process.

Dr Nye explained: “Unfortunately access to this technology is still considered a postcode lottery. We fought for over 12 months to get Gracie the technology she was entitled to and I have been invited to discuss our story, how we managed to get the technology and the benefits this has had for her and our family.

“The aim is to show a path for parents who find themselves in the same position that we were and explain why this technology is truly a game-changer for the management of Type 1 diabetes, particularly in children.”

Dr Nye, who lectures in anatomy and physiology and has expertise in maternal and foetal health, added: “Diabetes is all about managing the level of sugar in your blood, both too high and too low can be dangerous. Having a continuous glucose monitor is like having a window to your blood that constantly shows what level your blood sugar is so you can act accordingly.

“In adults it’s useful, but in children who can’t effectively communicate how they feel, a continuous glucose monitor is almost essential to avoid dangerous changes in blood sugar.

“It was a game-changer for our family, as before we would have to wake up multiple times a night to test our daughter’s bloods, we would avoid days out as it was difficult to keep an eye on Gracie and it was tough for nursery or school staff to constantly check on her.

“The monitor gave everyone freedom to live with diabetes, not to be controlled by it.”

The Type 1 and Tech Conference is aimed at people living with Type 1 diabetes, parents of children with Type 1 diabetes, carers and healthcare professionals who want to understand how tech might make a difference to them. 

For more information about the event, which takes place on Saturday, October 16, click here.

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