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Last Thursday (12th March), the results of the Chester Students’ Union Elections were announced.

University of Chester students ran for a number of elected positions including International Students Representative. The elected candidate for this role was second-year, BA Games Development student, Riley Moeller who is from the USA.

We caught up with Riley to learn more about the role, her vision and how international students can benefit from her services.

What does the role of International Students Representative involve?

The main role is to represent all international students studying here and make sure that their concerns are voiced to the Students’ Union. I am responsible for students on full-time and part-time programmes in addition to those here on Study Abroad placements.

What made you want to run for election?

I ran for election because I have been on the student council every year and I absolutely love it. As an international student myself, I am aware of the problems that we face and I have no problem speaking up about these issues. During my first year, I was also an official faculty representative and was able to sit in on the NUS international students’ conference in early 2019. It was a really amazing experience that was incredibly eye-opening.

What are your main goals?

Disability support

I will push for support on attendance requirements for those with both mental and physical disabilities.

Student voice

I will push to find solutions for issues rather than just disappearing into the background.

Involvement with the wider University

I will push for more University-lead support for international students and help to introduce events which celebrate national/religious holidays.

What would be your message to international students who want to share their views with you?

If there is something you are concerned about, would like to see changed or just want to share some positive news, feel free to reach out to me! Everyone's feedback is important, whether it be big or small!

If you would like to contact Riley, please get in touch via the Chester Students' Union contact page

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