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“I’m currently on placement at Mersey Care as part of their Asperger Service team. My role during the COVID-19 crisis has been providing support via telephone to adults with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) who are desperately trying to find a sense of routine and equilibrium during these very unexpected and uncertain times. I have been completing ’Understanding Diagnosis’ support sessions, ‘Understanding Emotions and Relationship’ wellbeing calls, Personal Independent Payment and Employment Support Allowance follow ups / support and will be completing a Section 117 of the Mental Health Act report with support in the next few weeks. 

These are certainly uncertain times, and creativity has been essential from myself as a student social worker, Clare, my PE (Practice Educator), who has been truly amazing and inspiring throughout, and Steve (Senior Management and PE), who has been working tirelessly to creatively implement ways for our Professional Capability Frameworks to be demonstrated. 

Outside of the placement the Warrington University Social Work team have been nothing short of absolute in their support, understanding, empathy and resourcefulness. Senior Lecturers, Vanessa and Nicole, have been working hard behind the scenes and have been intelligently liaising with the placement teams to ensure everything that can be done, is being done, whilst also checking in via email and telephone call if requested to offer us guidance and support. My Personal Academic Tutor, Val, has been offering equal support and has been really positive in sharing books and phrases that may be useful to me. All three of these professionals have gone out of their way to tailor their emails, support and advice to my specific learning needs which makes me feel legitimised, recognised and appreciated.

Personally, I’ve never been prouder to represent an institution and have been through not only a tough couple of weeks but a tough two years, and if it wasn’t for the Social Work tutoring team I honestly couldn’t have continued. I’m in a position to offer strength, patience, perseverance and courage to those I am working with because I have that exact support behind me which is both comforting and strengthening beyond words.”

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