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The presenters of the third TEDx talks at the University of Chester.

Under the theme ‘Dimensions of Diversity’, the University’s third TEDx* event took place at its Creative Campus, Kingsway, in Chester, before lockdown. The event is held under licence at the University and was filmed in front of a live studio audience. The University’s Vice-Chancellor gave an opening address via video link, demonstrating the institution’s effective use of digital technology before restrictions due to COVID-19 had even come into force.

Always varied, broad, insightful and thought provoking, this year’s topics include teaching English using compassion; the power that language can have on life’s direction; the complexities of a late Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis; how gaming companies make their money; and how to move forward intentionally in your life – and to accept failure as feedback to find success.

Speakers at TEDxUoChester Dimensions of Diversity included:

Barbara Bray, MBE, food safety consultant and registered nutritionist driving and delivering food safety in food supply chains and developing nutrition strategy for businesses:

Dr Eileen Pollard, Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Chester and Programme Leader, MRes in Storytelling:

Phillip J De Perez, Human Performance Psychologist:

Gillian Seale, Master’s student at the University of Chester, and creator of Tailored Yarn:

Dr Victoria Carr, Educational Leader and Headteacher at Woodlands Primary School, Whitby, Ellesmere Port:

Chester Community Law Project: Chloe Convery, Megan Crowley, Julie Grifo, Stephanie Eid - University of Chester Law School students:

Shadow Poet, University of Chester student:

James Cobb, Sales and Marketing Director:

Samia Talbi, Maths Consultant:

Ralph Ferneyhough, Programme Leader, Games Development BSc:

Imran Savas, Entrepreneur and CEO of Tape:

Marlo Clarke, problem solver, and public speaker:

Helen Webster, Diversity Storyteller, and Information Point Co-ordinator, Careers and Employability, at the University of Chester:

Dr Henry Sidsaph, University of Chester graduate and Head of Research at Hybrid Search:

Rachel Symons, Mental Health Advocate:

TEDxUoChester is hosted and sponsored by Student Futures, Careers and Employability at the University of Chester. It is also supported by the University’s Estates and Facilities; the Creative Campus, Kingsway and the Performing Arts Technicians, who housed the event and provided the extensive sound and lighting support. The Learning and Information Services’ Audio-Visual team provided the video production and photography of the event. The event was also supported by Student Event Assistant, Shai Vure.

Adam Crane, TEDx Licensee for TEDxUoChester and Employer Engagement Co-ordinator at the University of Chester, said: “We were delighted to once again be able to bring this event to the University. The TEDx platform is an amazing way to broaden students’ horizons and get them thinking about the things that really impact on our society. Our brilliant speakers, who included students and staff from the University, provoked thought and encouraged scepticism and analysis. The event showcased the best thinkers and do’ers in our community. It was sponsored by Sykes Holiday Cottages, one of our close careers partners.”

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