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This MRes project involves three months of fieldwork in Cape Three Points Forest Reserve, Ghana, where Ryan and Adam will be carrying out surveys focusing on two endangered primate species - the white-naped mangabey and the roloway monkey. However, they will also be surveying all medium to large-bodied mammalian species in the forest reserve. They do this by walking daily transects (pre-determined routes through the forest, walking at a slow pace to record all sightings/calls of these species, as well as signs they have been there, for example feeding evidence) and by setting up camera traps and sound recorders. Camera traps will take photographs of any animal that triggers them by passing by (some are at ground level and others in the rainforest canopy), whilst sound recorders will constantly record every noise in the forest so that calls from these endangered species can be identified.

The students are working with a research group set up by West African Primate Conservation Action (WAPCA) - a local NGO working in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire to preserve and protect the endangered primates of West Africa through community empowerment and education. 

This project is supervised by Dr Christina R Stanley and Dr Matt Geary in our departmnent with external supervisors Andrea Dempsey (WAPCA Country Coordinator) and Dr Matt Hartley

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