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Moving away from home and to a new city for university was a huge dream of mine when I was young, as the thought of leaving home and being independent made me feel like I’d finally become an adult. This was one of my reasons for choosing the University of Chester.

Prior to my arrival, I had to fill out an accommodation application. The University offer three different types of accommodation - full board, semi-catered and self-catered. All have their different perks and are designed to cater to everyone’s budget and preferred living style. I personally chose full board as it fitted in well with my work and other activities I planned to do, and I also wouldn’t have to cook for myself, which saved me a few painful experiences…

After applying for accommodation, I was later told that I had been offered a contract for the full board option at Fisher House. On the day of arrival I was quite nervous as I didn’t know anybody at the University or the accommodation, however my nerves were quickly put to rest as the atmosphere was as lively and friendly as could be, and this continued later on into the day when I encountered some of my now-closest uni friends, who live in the building next door, Astbury house.

Fisher House is conveniently located only 5-minutes from the city centre, which is amazing as everything I need is right on my doorstep (plus, there’s no need for taxis on a night out). The campus I study on, Queen’s Park, is only a 15-minute walk from my accommodation, and although it isn’t ideal when it rains, it’s usually a nice walk.

My room is on the third floor with a great view of the 3G soccer pitch. The room came with all the furniture I needed, with me only having to bring clothes and decorative items to give my room its own identity. My room also came with an en-suite, which is great as I don’t have to wait to use the bathroom.

In summary, my experience of living in University accommodation has been a key part of making this year full of positive memories and fun times.  

Joe is one of our online student ambassadors, so you can ask him any questions you may have, or chat to one of our other students:

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