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When choosing a University, a student’s chosen course is not the only element that needs to be taken into consideration, as the location and the accommodation are important factors too. First of all, in your first year, if Chester is your firm choice, the University will guarantee you a room, so don’t worry about it, you will definitely find a place to live.

When I was looking at universities I was deeply concerned about where I was going to live, partially because I was moving away from my home country, but also because it was going to be the first time actually living on my own. I wanted to make friends, feel safe and looked after, to be close to my lectures, but also to services, university facilities, the city centre, and the nightlife.

I am currently living in Fisher House, one of the full-board accommodation options on the Exton Park site, and I’ll tell you why I think you should choose it.

It’s convenient

First of all, having all your meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) provided in the catering outlet nearby is a lifesaver, especially when your schedule is busy with assignments, working, and any other extracurricular activities. Not having to worry about shopping, carrying, and preparing food can make life a lot easier during your studies, especially during your first year. Catered accommodation, just like all university accommodation, includes bills, cleaning of common areas and broadband, so that you don’t have to sort anything else out. In addition, you have access to the gym and its pool, every day of the week.

You’ll have the chance to make lots of friends

Despite being catered accommodation, every floor in Fisher House has a small kitchen equipped with facilities to make hot drinks and snacks, and to store some food too. The University values the social aspect of all its students, that’s why every accommodation option has a communal area, equipped with sofas and seats to facilitate socialisation and peer bonding. My experience has been really positive, since right in my first week I met, by chance, great people in Fisher House, and I have been friends with them since.

Your room is just what you need

To me, having an en-suite was very important, and you will be happy to hear that full-board accommodation only has en-suites, so rest assured that you will have your privacy and won’t need to juggle around other people’s routines. The room is quite spacious and has everything you need: a double wardrobe (something rare for university accommodation), drawers, a big desk, two shelves and a bed with internal storage. Believe me when I tell you that you’ll love your room, especially when you’ll decorate it with pictures and your own comforts, to make it look just like your home.

Living on campus, especially in full-board accommodation, you won’t have to worry about anything besides your studies, you’ll only be a short walk away from your lectures or the other satellite sites (Queen’s Park, Wheeler and Creative Campus, Kingsway) and you’ll always know what’s going on, whether there’s a match or an event at the SU Bar.

Find out more about Fisher House partnership accommodation and the other accommodation options at Chester.


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