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My First Year

I have just finished my first year at university as a Microbiology student. My first year has been full of ups and downs, however I still wouldn’t hesitate to call it one of the best years of my life. I’ve made many new friends and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about a subject that I love.

Welcome Week

The first week at the University was the Welcome Week. I found this a great opportunity to get to know the city along with finding out details about my course and meeting many of the people I would be spending the next three years with. The week consisted of induction lectures, which provided more information about the course and allowed me to meet the lecturers and my fellow course mates. There were also plenty of activities put on by the Students' Union to allow everyone to meet people outside their course and find out what sports and societies were on offer.

The Course

After Welcome Week, my course really began, as the first term commenced. During first year studied the same six modules as those on the Biomedical Science course and Pharmacology course, and although I liked some better than others (as anyone would), I can honestly say that there was not a single lecture that I dreaded (a welcome change from A levels). I found all my lectures to be informative and provided me with more knowledge of the subject that I love. I had finally discovered what it was like to not dread Monday morning!

My course was balanced between lectures and personal study time, allowing me lots of time to read over my notes and really get to grips with the content. I also found that my course was more coursework-based than exam-based, which I found suited me well. I also felt we got to spend lots of time in the lab, which is important for any science course and has allowed me to become more confident with lots of basic lab techniques.

Second Term

My second term at university was slightly rocky; it began with me moving accommodation due to my previous accommodation not suiting me. However, I found moving accommodation to be a very smooth process and felt a lot happier at my new accommodation, which I felt was reflected in my work ethic and general wellbeing. I have made many new friends in my new accommodation, whom I have no doubt will stay with me throughout my remaining two years.

Later on in my second term, just as Development Week was approaching, I was faced with illness along with a number of personal issues which resulted in me having to take around three weeks off from university. At the time I was worried about how much this would cause me to fall behind, however I found I was given a lot of support from the lecturers and staff at the University, particularly by my PAT (Personal Academic Tutor). This support, along with all the lecture presentations being put online, on Moodle, meant that I managed to catch up on my work and prevented me from feeling anymore stressed than I needed to.

Final Term

In my final term I faced the dreaded exam season. However, after sitting my exams, one piece of advice I will give is to attend all the revision sessions given by the lecturers. These revision sessions proved highly useful in the exam and covered much of the content I was tested on. I felt, due to all the support received, I did relatively well on my exams (fingers crossed).

I have written this post on conclusion of my first year, and since finishing, one thing I didn’t expect is to be missing university. Not only do I miss my friends, but I also genuinely miss my course and I can’t wait for next year when I get to learn more and get to focus more on Microbiology in particular. This year has really enhanced my love for my course and, although I don’t know exactly what I want to do in the future, I know I would like to pursue research in my area, as I really love learning about Microbiology.

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