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Looking back at my first year at university, I can see how much I have grown as a person since I became a first year student at Chester studying Microbiology. I have had such an incredible year in this amazing city - I can’t wait to come back for my second year!

Settling in

When I first moved here in September, I was a little nervous about trying to settle in and make new friends, but I had no problem with that at all. I was looking forward to living independently, and thanks to Freshers' Week, I quickly became good friends with my housemates, making great memories at SU Fridays. During Welcome Week I had the opportunity to introduce myself to others studying similar courses to me, and over the course of the first term I made some great friendships to last.


As soon as lectures started, I realised there was no reason to be intimidated by my course. The lecturers were informative, humorous and helped us to adjust to the large lectures we were in, and whilst a huge lecture hall full of students can feel alien compared to college, smaller seminars and practical lectures were a lot more fun. An outstanding amount of support was always available on the online portal, Moodle, to aid in assignments and revision for exams, thanks to this I became very confident in modules I was worried I’d struggle in.

Joining a society

Not long after I started my first term, I joined the Pole Fitness society and I’m looking forward to my role as the Charity Secretary next year. Societies are amazing ways to try new sports and activities, dress up on student nights, make great friends, and attend the Sports' Presentation Evening at the racecourse. I even had to opportunity to go to Rimini in Italy for week with Pole fitness! Next year I plan to join the Women’s Rugby Union after hearing some great things about the society, and a curiosity to try something new.

Looking forward to the future

Next year I am looking forward to studying Microbiology in more depth in the Advanced Microbiology module, as well as a fairly new topic to me, Physiopathology. I know second year will be more challenging, but even more rewarding. After I finish my BSc in Microbiology, I plan to study a Master’s degree in a related science that I haven’t studied, as I think I’d love to try something new. I can see myself staying as a student at the Universitry of Chester, as this is truly a great place to live and start your future.


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